“Every child is gifted. They just open their presents in different ways.” Every APS student takes a unique set of steps along the journey to success in school and in life. Cynthia Briscoe Brown is committed to equipping Atlanta Public Schools to provide programs, services, and opportunities which give all our kids the best shot at all their goals.

During my first four years in office, I worked to make sure every APS student is presented with the best opportunities available. I supported our new operating model, which gives parents, teachers and students more control over schools. I connected our kids with community partners for internships and career experiences in Atlanta and as far away as Toulouse, France.

During the next four years, I will advocate for each cluster’s chosen programs, including International Baccalaureate, STEM/STEAM, and College and Career Prep. I will help children of all ages find and pursue their dreams by creating opportunities for them to experience and become part of the larger world. I will reach out to community leaders, businesses, and nonprofits to connect them with our kids for mentoring, skills-building, and financial support.