Our parents, community stakeholders, partners, and educators deserve to start each day knowing that they can trust Atlanta Public Schools to be a consistent and accountable steward of both our children and our resources. Cynthia Briscoe Brown is fulfilling her promise to be a change agent, righting past wrongs and moving APS forward to a brighter day.

During my first four years in office, I joined my colleagues on the Board of Education to work together and refocus on our children and their needs. I served on the search committee to hire a dynamic, visionary, and hard-working Superintendent who helped us move “from what’s wrong to what’s strong.” I collaborated on a series of budgets which redirected tens of millions of dollars out of central administration and into programs, people, and places where they help kids the most, all without raising the millage rate.

During the next four years, I will support teachers and staff with more financial and professional resources so they can do more for our students. I will advocate for an APS Leadership Academy to train great principals from within the system, which will improve stability and quality in school leadership. I will urge APS to do even more with wraparound services such as early learning, special needs, and affordable housing initiatives, which ensure our kids are ready and able to learn every day.