The future of APS, Atlanta, and our children depends on the choices we make today. Cynthia Briscoe Brown has been fully dedicated to supporting and providing paths to success for all our kids for 30 years, and she will continue to grow “strong kids, strong schools, strong communities.”

During my first four years in office, I strongly supported social and emotional learning initiatives to teach our children about healthy interactions and peer support, so they grow into responsible adults who contribute to their communities. I participated in multi-year budgeting and long-range planning to ensure that the good work we have done continues for years to come. I was intentional and thoughtful about every decision we made as a Board, weighing both the short-term and long-term benefits while remaining constantly focused on our kids.

During the next four years, I will build on the strong foundation of this Board’s work for our kids. I will insist that every dollar, every decision, and every plan makes a positive difference in the lives of children both now and for future generations. I will join hands with all those who want the best for ALL our kids, as we work together to ensure their future and ours.