Did You Know...


Cynthia is the daughter, daughter-in-law, and parent of APS Alumni.


Cynthia started in college as a musical theatre major and even studied under C-3PO! (Actor Anthony Daniels)


Cynthia has run a law firm, a used car dealership, served as in-house counsel for a nonprofit, and supervised attorneys in 48 states handling $85 million(?) in litigation.


Three generations of Cynthia's family have run the Peachtree Road Race since 2001. Her job is to bring the Krispy Kremes to the finish line!


Cynthia's Great-Great-Aunt Ludie ran a boardinghouse on Peeples Street where her father lived as a child.


Cynthia loves to cook and has baked cakes in the shape of Hogwarts, the Death Star, and a Mozartkugel.


Cynthia graduated from Davidson College and Vanderbilt Law School. Her classmates include judges, elected officials at every level, a NYTimes best-selling author, the former president of Agnes Scott College, and the CEO of Burger King.

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